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The prisoners lay dormant trapped in their cage
Tearing through the galaxy, the Lightspeed Brigade
Sabotage the gate
Slew our captors and break for the stage
Whereupon we can commandeer our own destiny
And I can't speak for you
But I know I'm not too keen
To escape from slavery and run back to the chains
I won't play god but I can cut the deck of tarot cards

My mind is made up
I'm not gonna report back for status
Shake it up, show me love
Tell that intercom man that we've had it
Let's go for a ride
From here the planets and stars look fantastic
Hold your breath to survive
Brace for impact in five seconds as we
Crash down to Earth
Crash down to Earth
Crash down to Earth
Crash down to Earth

But on our way into a hidden world
We got caught up inside a spider web
In lucid dreams we wake up screaming,
squeezing, stealing a fix
And as our pilot slips the mortal coil
Down the road I see it's just as well
Losing pressure and with engines failing
but cannot quit
Into the vacuum now with much chagrin
Cocooned inside the womb of second skin
Things will always look much better on the way down
The pirates came today to steal my joy
You think that I'm just being paranoid
I just don't know what to say about myself anymore


from The World's Most Alienating Airport, released September 19, 2011



all rights reserved


World's Most Alienating Airport Winter Park, Florida

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